Invertebrates in Education and Conservation Conference (IECC)

Presented by the Terrestrial Invertebrate Taxon Advisory Group (TITAG)

Papers from the 2016 IECC Paper Presentations

From the Field

Joseph Soltis - Disney's Animal Kingdom Zoo
How honeybees are helping elephant conservation in Kenya

Zak Gezon, Anne Savage, and Jaret Daniels - Disney's Animal Kingdom
Changes in butterfly community composition driven by shifting phenolgies

Jacqueline and Katie Genovesi
A teens perspective: Using butterfly farms and exhibits to engage teens in critical environmental issues such as climate change.

Tim Becker - ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park
Propagation and Repatriation of the Regal Fritillary Butterfly

Bugs in the Machine - Tech Talks

Gwen Pearson - Purdue University
Social Media Tips and Tricks

Patricia Nichols - Insectopia
Insect Education through YouTube

Amber Zelmer - Houston Zoo
Using Photographic Guides & Charts to Integrate ‘Non-invertebrate’ Keepers into an Invertebrate House (short)

Egg Guide
Bug Care Card Template
Species Care Sheets

Prof. J. Phineas Michaelson (aka Mike Weissmann) - US Biological and Geological Survey of the Territories
It’s All Geek To Me: Translating Names Of Insectarium Arthropods

David Suttinger - Houston Zoo
Creating Buzz at the Houston Zoo Bug House with Time Lapse (short)

Life Support: Invertebrate Husbandry and Natural History

Tad Yankoski - Sophia M Sachs Butterfly House
Increased fecundity and larval growth rate of African fruit chafer, (Pachnoda sinuata flaviventris) in a novel, fermented substrate.

Devin Krafka - Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
Troubleshooting Exstatosoma tiaratum population decline (short)

Howard Byrne - Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
There's a Notocyphus on my back!

Tim O'Sullivan - St. Louis Zoo
Captive Rearing Study of Thermonectus marmoratus

Lauren Bloomenthal and Katie Malmberg - Pacific Science Center
Observing an Observation Hive

Mike Cash - Woodland Park Zoo
The Light Side of Darklings: Pupation and Eclosion of Pinacate Beetles, Eleodes spp.(short)

Kelli Walker - San Diego Zoo
Life History and Managed Care of the Coconut Crab, Birgus latro

Sustaining Flight: Butterfly House Nutrition and Tradition

Justin Dunning - Victoria Butterfly Gardens
Raising Giants

Nancy Greig - Cockrell Butterfly Center, Houston Museum of Natural Science
Stepping Up and Stepping Down: 22 Years at the Cockrell Butterfly Center

Nathan Brockman - Reiman Gardens
Going Vertical: New Take on Artificial Nectar Feeders

Anita Westphal - Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University
The Trials and Tribulations of Horticultural Design in a Butterfly House at a Public Garden

Better Together: Engagement and Collaboration

Sarah Garrett - Butterfly Pavilion
Colorado Pollinator Summit 2016: Combining Conservation Efforts Statewide

Catherine Bartlett - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Polishing a Presentation: Tips and Tricks for Successful Shows

Ron Wagler -The University of Texas at El Paso
Scientific Inquiry Activities with Madagascar Hissing Roaches: An Effective Way to Enrich Your Arthropod Education Program

Bob Merz - Saint Louis Zoo
Engaging different “Communities” in Endangered Species Invertebrate Conservation