Invertebrates in Education and Conservation Conference (IECC)

Presented by the Terrestrial Invertebrate Taxon Advisory Group (TITAG)

Papers from the 2014 IECC Paper Presentations

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Crowd Science Central

Louise Lynch, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Bumble Boosters: Engaging citizen scientists in pollinator research and conservation

Doug Golick, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Pollination to Plate: Teaching Pollination Systems Knowledge Through a Mobile App - Paper Currently Unavailable - Link goes to abstract

Patrick Honan, Museum Victoria
Bioscans: Connecting keepers, wilderness and the community - Paper Currently Unavailable

Nathan Brockman, Iowa State University's Reiman Gardens
Unified Butterfly Recorder:A New Take on a Standard Practice

Doug Taron, Chicago Academy of Sciences
Butterfly Monitoring: Twenty-five Years of Citizen Science in Illinois and Beyond

Happy Snails to You

Bob Merz, St. Louis Zoo
The Tahitian Shell Game

Stuart Wells, Phoenix Zoo
Chronicles of ex situ Springsnail Management at Phoenix Zoo’s Conservation Center

Cody Gilbertson, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Developing captive ex situ populations of the endangered Chittenango ovate amber snail Novisuccinea chittenangoensis (Succineidae: Pulmonata: Mollusca): for population augmentation in New York State

Glennon Frei, St. Louis Zoo
AZA and TITAG: How’d I get here, what am I doing and where am I going?

Stuart Wells, Phoenix Zoo
Growing Mussels in the Desert

Husbandry and Natural History: First Instar

Ester Chang, San Diego Zoo
Raising Dragons: Managed care and breeding of the dragon-headed katydid (Lesina intermedia) at the San Diego Zoo

Bob Merz, St. Louis Zoo
Conclusions from Three Feeding Studies on Two Mantid Species, Popa spurca and Tenodera aridifolia

Ray Mendez, Work as Play
Naturalist Butterfly Feeders at the Philadelphia Zoo

Sue Andersen, Woodland Park Zoo
Captive Breeding and Husbandry of The Golden Orb Weaver Spider (Nephila inaurata madagascariensis) at Woodland Park Zoo

Husbandry and Natural History: Second Instar

Lauren Williamson, Cockrell Butterfly Center
Screwing up equals smartening up: Starting an in-house rearing program at the Cockrell Butterfly Center

Tony Palmer, Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
Captive Management and Reintroduction of the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle, Cicindela nevadica lincolniana (COLEOPTERA:CARABIDAE) at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium

Zack Lemann, Audubon Butterfly Garden Insectarium
Velvet Ants: A Quick Overview of Nature's Fuzziest Wasps (short)

All About IABES

Lauren Williamson, Cockrell Butterfly Center
IABES: Past, Present, and Future - Paper Currently Unavailable - Link goes to abstract

Enzo Moretto, Butterfly Arc
The possible last flight of the Monarchs - Paper Currently Unavailable - Link goes to abstract

Michael Weismann and Richard Cowan, Kallima Consultants, Inc. and LPS LLC
Butterfly Imports into the USA: What a Difference a Decade Makes.

Pollinators Teach and Other Outreach

Erin Ingram, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Bees Behind Bars: Vocational Beekeeping Training in Prisons

Ron Wagler, The University of Texas at El Paso
Preservice Middle School Science Teacher’s Attitudes and Beliefs toward Biologically Diverse Animals

Ed Spevak, St. Louis Zoo
The Center for Native Pollinator Conservation: One Zoo's Journey Around the World with Native Bees

Kevin Burls, Nevada Bugs and Butterflies
Nevada Bugs and Butterflies: Celebrating the invertebrate diversity of the Great Basin and Sierras

Jamie Sincage, Disney's Animal Kingdom
A Pollinator Celebration! Telling the story of pollinators at Disney's Animal Kingdom (short) - Paper Currently Unavailable - Link goes to abstract