Invertebrates in Education and Conservation Conference (IECC)

Presented by the Terrestrial Invertebrate Taxon Advisory Group (TITAG)

The annual Invertebrates in Education and Conservation Conference (IECC) brings together professionals from a wide variety of zoological, exhibit design and educational backgrounds, along with the interested general public, to share their relevant experiences in a rich biological setting.

The Conference includes three mornings of paper presentations and three afternoons of specialty workshops and field trips. Full-day field trips the day before the Conference provide amazing opportunities to experience Southern Arizona’s unique diversity, and conservative specimen collecting is allowed on most trips.

Topics covered at the Conference include but are not limited to:

• Terrestrial, freshwater and marine invertebrate husbandry
• Educational programs using invertebrates
• Insect zoos, butterfly houses and other invertebrate exhibitions
• Invertebrate conservation programs and issues
• Professional development
• Administrative & regulatory issues

The 2014 Invertebrates in Education and Conservation Conference was held July 22 – July 26 at the Esplendor Resort in Rio Rico, AZ.

View the final online program here

Click here for a PDF version of the physical 2014 program

View PDFs of paper presentations from 2014 here

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Thank you to everyone who attended, presented, volunteered or otherwise worked hard to make the 2014 Conference a success!